Friday, May 22, 2015

#TGIFC04 - In-stich-spiration

Hey there!  Thanks for joining me.  Guess what? I made you something.  Yep, just for you.  Nope, no special occasion.  Just because.  I was inspired.  Wanna see what inspired me?  It was this:
Yep, the geniuses over at TGIF Challenges have a new challenge... It's truly inspired.  Take a look at the picture above.  See the flowers?  Or do you see the colours?  Or do you notice the needlepoint pattern?  Or how about the puppy? I am serious about that.  I do see a puppy and I did almost run with it...I'll let you sort it out.  Here is the non-puppy flowery stitch inspired card that I ended up making (for you):
So I'm not a huge flower fan.  I originally wanted to go a different route with this project, but I guess inspiration is inspiration.  The color combo and flower were a no-brainer since that imagery was so prevalent in the challenge. But when I looked at the theme image, the first thing that I noticed was the nod toward needlepoint.  I wanted to replicate a feeling for stitching and fabric.  That's why you see the burlap on the bottom and the piercing at the top.  By the way, this was my first go at paper piercing. For all it's worth, here's a tip from a rookie...I couldn't find that plastic piercing guide when I was making this card, so I "freehanded" the line by placing a ruler parallel to the top edge of the paper and piercing every 1/8".  I felt pretty clever, but is that really just common sense?  Don't tell me...I'd rather go on thinking that I'm just really clever.
I also liked the look of the You've Got This background stamp and I tried to continue the linework with the cross stitch type coloring of the flower.  This was my first time using this background stamp, and it definitely won't be the last. I'm lovin' the grungy look, especially paired with the torn/distressed edges.
Well I hope that you find some inspiration, and that you come on by to TGIFC and share it with us.  I'd be blown away if anybody is brave enough to enter a puppy card this week...but I cant be the only one who sees him.  He's just way too cute!!


  1. Now that you mention it, I CAN see a puppy!

  2. I too saw a puppy! Love your card.

  3. That is a great card-love all the texture you created and that perfect bloom :)
    I see that puppy!can't see anything BUT the puppy now you pointed it out lol !
    Have a good day,Nessa.

  4. I see 2 puppies, also! Nice card.

  5. woof! :) means nice card in dog talk!