Sunday, February 28, 2016

CYCI #109 - hi

Hi there!

Betcha didn't think I'd be back, did you?  To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure myself.

Turns out that I took a long and unexpected sabbatical from stampin' as we went through some major changes in life.  Nothing bad, just pretty extreme.  Don't worry, everything is great; the gist of it is that we sold our house and relocated to the Sacramento area. I'm sure that I'll tell you more about it in the weeks to come, but currently I'm short on time, so onto the project!!

Big thanks to for getting me of my lazy butt to start creating again.  Here's the challenge for the week:

And here's my card:

I wanted to go with something simple, and liked the play on words...(get it, a kite...hi....high...yep, I went there...."hi as a kite"...get it?  Lol).  So I made the kite with a toothpick and some yellow tissue paper and the clouds in the background were sponged through a hand cut freehand stencil that I made. The sentiment is from Stampin' Up and embossed with White EP.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.  Sorry for the long bout of silence, but hopefully I'll be back regularly from here on out.  I really appreciate your support and I really did miss all y'all.  It's good to be back!!!