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So I know what you're thinking..."I want to have all of these fancy Stamping supplies so I can make my own stuff just like Stampin' Stud.  But I wish there was a way that I can show my support and encourage Stampin' Stud to keep doing what he's doing."  Well guess what??  You can do both of these things at the same time!!!  Here are a few ways to join in the fun...

Nearly ALL of the products that I use can be found HERE.  Feel free to peruse our online store at your own pace, as much as you'd like.  When you place an order, thanks to the wonder of the internet, I will magically find out and then I will smile and be happy.
 Keep Coming Back For More

Show your loyalty and support by letting me be your go-to dealer, and I will show my appreciation with exclusive rewards, prizes, gifts, fun, and free products!  It's free to join, there's no obligation, and all you have to do is shop!  Club Stud is a points based rewards program - get points for shopping and get extra stuff with your points...so simple and fun!!  All you need to do is contact me at jw@stampinstud.com so I can give you the details and get you enrolled. 

 Everybody loves a good sale, and what's better than clearance stuff?  Click HERE to get it before it's gone!

Are You Local??
If you are located near or visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, we can get together!  Contact me for a class schedule or to invite me to your next party!

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