Monday, May 25, 2015

Nothing To Share...Except This!

Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day! 

I didn't want you to worry about me since I didn't post a card over the weekend. I'm ok.  Just in case you haven't seen on Facebook or Instagram, we are going through some big changes with our crafting space.  Last week, my wife had the epiphany to switch our craft room with our me, it makes sense if you know the layout of our house.  So far we have emptied out our craftroom into our living room and made a huge mess:


And we were able to set up our bedroom just in time to sleep last night.  Now it's on to Ikea to get a few final items to hopefully tie it all together.  Here's my old crafting space if you were curious (say goodbye):

I hope to be able to post some after pics soon. The sooner the better.  Can't wait to be done.  I have to go back to work tomorrow and there's no way I can leave the house in this disarray.  Not only that, but there's no stamping that can be done in the interim since everything is all meshuganah. 
Well I've got to get going. Please don't forget to stop by and play along with a our challenges this week.  I'll just craft vicariously through you, if that's ok...
Hope you stop back by to see our end results, or just follow my Instagram to join the journey!  Hope you have a great week, and at the very least hopefully I'll see you Friday for a new TGIF Challenge (Lord willing I can have a space to work by then. LOL).

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