About Me!

James Weber is the name, Stampin’ is the game!  I have dabbled in paper crafting and card making since about 2003 when my then girlfriend/now wife started dragging me along inviting me to go with her to her coworker’s Stampin’ Up get-togethers.  Fast forward over 10 years; she has developed into a creative juggernaut and I have been along for the ride.  My personal journey down this crafting path took a new turn in early 2015 when I myself was bit by the crafting bug at a Stampin’ Up event and started creating original projects.  I have since fallen in love with the culture, the products, and the people and I have made it my mission to share my journey with you!  My hope is that you will enjoy and appreciate my creative side and that you will be inspired to share yours as well!  Please feel free to reach out to me via commenting below or at jw@stampinstud.com.

New challenges every week!

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  1. A family who stamps together, stay together! =)

  2. This so impresses me! Thanks for joining us crazy stampers :-)

  3. I buy Mercede's tutorials and just discovered your blog! What a team!! Awesoem!

  4. How nice to see a creative man involved in this fabulous craft!