Saturday, February 7, 2015

Orlando Unveiled (part 1)

Good morning, stampers!  How are you today?  That's good to hear...I'm great, thanks for asking.

Well after work last night I was getting ready for today's Stamp a Stack; made some cookie dough, prepped for the pizzas that I'm going to make for the ladies, that kind of stuff. Don't know if you see my Instagram (bear with me, it's new), but I made a pan of mushrooms to use and unfortunately there's a late night snacker in the house so now most of my mushrooms are gone and I have to come up with a Plan B :-(   I guess that the good news is that they were delicious! Lol.

So I've been wanting to share my cards from the SU! Leadership Orlando trip with you, and here is the first. I got inspired by the honeycomb pattern and I was playing around with Blackberry Bliss and how it changed with the stamp-offs...


I really loved the way this turned out.  I had started by just messing around with the stamp-off of the honeycomb pattern on a scrap of paper, then I ended up laying awake at night trying to envision how I could finish it off. The torn paper layers really complimented the fluidity of the water coloring, and there is a perfect pop of shine from the silver glimmer paper peeking from out behind the sentiment (too bad it's hard to see in the pics). 
Although it wasn't her favorite from our trip, I could tell that Mercedes was impressed... as she would introduce me to her friends, she would dig through her bag and say something like "you should see what he made!"   I think that the biggest compliment that I received was when Jenni Pauli grabbed it and stuck it in her swap bag, not realizing that it was a limited edition one-of-a-kind creation.  It happened right around the same time that my wife was star struck from meeting all of the European demos (especially Jenni) and I think that she was ready to just let it go, so I had to sneak in and snatch it back out of Jenni's satchel. Lol! 
So just in in case any of you may be thinking that this is just a gimmick, or if  there is any doubt that I truly am a stamper, my wife captured proof...

That was taken when I was coloring the cake from the Life's Adventure set for a card that I will show you after I get a good pic of it. 
Anyways, I'm starting to get the Evil Eye from the boss because I'm supposed to be prepping for our SAS that starts in about 2 hours (yikes!).  Thanks for visiting and I'll be back later...

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