Sunday, June 21, 2015

CYCI #75 Sketchy Schoolhouse Scene

Welcome back, me!  I've realized that it's been a while since I've been around.  I guess I had a dry streak for a few weeks now.  Sorry 'bout that.  Just been busy with the good ol' 9-5 and life in general.  Plus I hit a little creative block :-(  Don't really know why, but I guess it happens, right?  Well, I knew it couldn't last for long, or the Keeper would come a-knockin' (don't understand that reference?  Read my back story HERE).  Thankfully CYCI came along, got me off my lazy butt, and back to my desk I went.  Thanks CYCI!  Check out this week's challenge; it's a sketch design by Terri T.:

Or as I saw it:

Because, remember...

...and I'll turn it if I want to.  And so can you.  Just tell them I said it's ok.

So here's what I made:

When I first saw the design of the sketch, I knew that I needed to use some DSP (Designer Series Paper). As I looked through our rack, this one popped out at me.  It's Stampin Up's new Schoolhouse design, and I've been eyeing the bikes since the first time that I saw them.  Yes, if you aren't familiar with the paper, everything on this card except for the green grass and the white card base (and the sentiment) is part of the paper pack.  I just felt like having a little fun and getting artsy, so I made a nice summer day to share with someone.  I think it turned out pretty swell!  In fact, I thought that it would end up a little more abstract then it did, but surprisingly the scene is really readable! 

I had a lot of fun putting this together, and I had almost forgotten that this is why I started stamping in the first place... it's a way to relax and have fun!  Never forget that.  Need a break?  Just stamp.  Stressed out?  Just start stampin'.  Lost your mojo? Stamp anyway.  Need inspiration? Visit and stamp along with their weekly challenge.  Not a stamper? Not too late to start.  Need a stampin' buddy?  I'll be there for you.  Feeling down?  Get our some stuff and stamp your blues away. Feeling happy?  Share your happiness though stampin'.  Feeling thirsty?  Drink some water and be careful not to spill it on your stamping spot.  Make sure you have a coaster handy. Ok, maybe I went too far, but you get the gist: Stamping saves lives.  Peace out.


  1. Love the polka-dot sun and sky! Did you fussy-cut those bicycles? What a great job. Your road it great . . . I am not a free-hand type of person. Love the card.

  2. Cute. Cute, Cute! Thanks for sharing....yup we all hit the wall now and then!