Monday, March 23, 2015

Awesome Adventurous Curious Goat - Creative Blog Hop

Hello, friends! Today I have a special treat!  I know...You're saying, "But it's Monday.  Why are you posting on Monday?  You never post on Mondays.  Shouldn't you be at work?"  To which I reply, "Yes, I am at work, and yes, I realize that it's Monday.  I said that this is a special treat!" 

This is a post for a Creative Blog Hop!!   I was nominated all the way from Canada by the sweet and talented Krista Frattin  at to participate.  Hope you shoot over to her blog and check out her amazing projects!  This hop has been described as a sort of creative "chain letter" and my two nominees will be below.   But first, here's my card! I have to admit, (off the record; don't tell my others) I think that this is my favorite card so far...hope that's ok to say...I know its taboo as a parent (Lol)...anyways...

Isn't it fun?!?  I finally got the Adventure Awaits stamp set (more on that to come in a future post)and paired it with the Adventure Bound DSP.  The goat is From the Herd but his curiosity got the best of him and he snuck in to the scene. Hope you like him as much as I do!

So part of the hop is to answer a few questions. Here I go..

 A LOT! Well, for me at least. I keep pretty busy with a more-than-full-time job, doing my part to raise 3 daughters, taking care of my lovely and wonderful wife (actually letting her take care of me ;-) and now I'm a stamping hobbyist.  Aside from that, my current stamping commitments include a place on the Design Team at the weekly challenge site of Can You Case It and a monthly blog hop, but specifically I am looking ahead to Mother's Day...there are 3 Moms in my life, so I have a lot of brain storming and creating to do!

 Well...I'm a Dude!! Lol!  As I have come to realize, we of the male persuasion are definitely the minority!  I would have to assume that this reflects in my work.  I like to have fun with my designs, I like to "think outside of the box" and try things that may be unconventional, and since I'm new to this art, I think that I offer a fresh perspective to a lot of the products and techniques.


It all started because I wanted to be allowed to hang out in the craft room with my awesome wife.  There had always been a sign on the door that said "Only Ye of Crafting Blood May Enter" and I always thought it was just a gimmick until one night when I grabbed the door handle to go in and it scorched my hand!  Suddenly there was a fog that filled the hall and an eerie voice resonated through the walls..."Thou have awakened the Keeper of the Kraftroom!  As an Uncreator, you are to remain banished from this realm!"  The thought of being separated from my wife for another night was just too much, so I replied "Keeper, I humbly request permission to enter.  I am pure of heart and creative of brain.  I hereby accept the oath of Creativity.  Paper and Ink will be as my Food and Water and without these I shall surely perish."  I knew that the Keeper was doubtful as I could hear it in his tone when he answered "I have heard your kind before.  They take me for a fool and attempt shenanigans just to enter the Sacred Room of Kraft.  I should smite thee NOW!!"  I knew that I couldn't outrun him, since the fog was so thick that I couldn't even tell which way was out. But it didn't matter, because I was serious and sincere. "Keeper," I said, "If I will never be allowed to enter the Room of Kraft, then strike me now!  A life without Crafting is a life that I cannot bear!" After a long pause, there was a rumbling and the fog started to dissipate.  Suddenly, I found myself standing in the hall, with the door to the craft room wide open.  I walked in slowly, still in disbelief over the ordeal that I had just gone through.  As I passed the door, there was a note taped to the Do Not Enter sign.  It read, "With great creativity comes great responsibility.  Start a blog and post your cards to Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  You shall call yourself Stampin' Stud to commemorate the epic strength and courage that you showed tonight.  I'll be watching you.  Now that you have vowed to create, you must continue until the end of your days...or face my wrath.  Regards, Keeper"

Aside from that, I just like to have fun, strive to impress my wife and hopefully make her proud of me (or just not embarrass her. Lol!). 


Ummm...Pretty random, I guess. Sometimes I have an idea for a finished product, but mostly I just get inspired by a stamp set or DSP.  I try to keep the project simple and limited to one or two stamp sets.  Usually, if I need to make a project and don't have a vision, I will just pick a few stamp sets, sit in the comfy craft room chair, listen to some Christian hip hop, and stare at the stamps for a while until something clicks.  By the time I start making something, I usually have a vision of the end result.

And now it's my turn to nominate!

I met Jeanna at the Stampin' Up! Leadership Convention earlier this year, and not only is she hilarious, caring, and kind, she is also extremely talented!  I am so blessed to be surrounded by amazing skill and heart.  Jeanna will be posting her Creative Hop post on March 30, 2015, so remember to visit stamptimesomewhere and see the great stuff she comes up with!  I'm know I'm excited...
Once again, big thanks to Krista Frattin for thinking of me for the hop.  It was a lot of fun and I HOPe to do it again sometime!


  1. Oh my... this is absolutely the cutest card EVER! I love it!

  2. this is too cute! love the "graffiti" look on the bricks! the goat makes me laugh :) lucky you to get to do the hop!

    1. Thanks, Holly. "Graffiti" was exactly the look that I was going for! And he always makes me laugh too. That's my buddy.

  3. Hilarious! I love the little goat peeking out. Great depth and texture too, fantastic card.

  4. that card, that blog - love it all!!

  5. what a fun, fun card - love cards that make me smile - yours made me grin - even better - congrats on your "special" hop

  6. This card is inspired! I love everything about it. I just may have to CASE it - the highest form of flattery I always say. Thanks for posting it.

  7. So glad you left a comment on my blog so I could pop on over here to see your creativity! This is the FUNNIEST card I hae seen in a long, long, time! I actually called my DH into my craft room to come see it! Very clever & creative! Keep up the good work!